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Company Name: Guizhou Hongxin Foam Factory Phone: 0854-5810089
Mobile: 18984127960
Address: Xingshi Village, Xingshi Town, Longli County, Guizhou Province. Welcome your call and we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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Guizhou Hongxin Foam Factory was established in October 1997. After 20 years of training, the company has become more disciplined and is a company specialized in producing foam (EPS) products. The company is located in Longli County, with convenient transportation and all directions. The company has various formalities and is a general taxpayer with a formal VAT invoice. The company has a high-quality, high-efficiency, management team, with many years of management experience, technical and professional personnel, and strong production strength.
Our company's main products are various thickness, density foam (EPS) sheet, mold forming foam (EPS), mold-free foam (EPS), disappearing foam (EPS), foam (EPS) particles. The products are used for building sound insulation and heat insulation. , Insulation, foundry, decoration, color steel sandwich panels, alcohol and other packaging, foam (EPS) particles.
Our company has a large number of well-connected customer groups, which can provide customers with first-class services, implement quality tracking services for products, extensively solicit user opinions, and continuously improve product and service quality. It has won unanimous praise from our customers and is deeply trusted and supported by our customers.
Our company specializes in designing and producing foam (EPS) boards and other foam (EPS) packages for our customers, including various types of materials and plates, complete varieties, and affordable prices. Product quality meets industry standards and is trusted and praised by customers.
Products are sold to all cities and counties in Guizhou, and long-term customer companies have free delivery. With the increasingly fierce market competitiveness, it is an inevitable trend to provide high service levels and ensure product quality. Our company is based on the tenet of "customer first," quality and reputation as the basis of survival ". All employees will adhere to the customer as the center, continuously improve the service quality, and provide customers with high-quality foam (EPS) and packaging products.

Company Name: Guizhou Hongxin Foam Factory Phone: 0854-5810089 Mobile: 18984127960 Factory Address: Xingshi Village, Xingshi Town, Longli County, Guizhou Province